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Sunday, 7 September 2014


Recently I realised that as I age my past appears to be defined as a series of events. I like to see them as short stories, each covering an event or era in my life. There was always a beginning and an end, usually focused on life events such as moving, changing jobs or ending a relationship. There is also a degree of overlapping between these stories. Some characters appeared in a number of them, some locations were the same but the characters varied. The point however is this – these short stories seem to be archiving themselves. Early events have started to feel distant, almost removed from who I am today. Is it that time has erased this connection? Is it because I have done so much since that I can’t remain emotionally attached to every memory? Have I relived the memory and looked at the photos too many times dulling the emotion leaving just the knowledge the event happened, not the actually feeling? I will never know. It has happened and it will continue to happen as long as life experiences continue to accumulate and time continues to pass. I don’t like the thought of losing the connections I have to my past experiences. However, I do like the inspiration my memories evoke and love knowing that there is more to come.

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Mt Karioi

Mt Karioi