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.....keeping everyone informed about my experiences in moving from Australia to New Zealand and then up to Darwin and now back to New Zealand again! From the moments the decisions were made, through to the journey's and insights that followed.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Recently I realised that as I age my past appears to be defined as a series of events. I like to see them as short stories, each covering an event or era in my life. There was always a beginning and an end, usually focused on life events such as moving, changing jobs or ending a relationship. There is also a degree of overlapping between these stories. Some characters appeared in a number of them, some locations were the same but the characters varied. The point however is this – these short stories seem to be archiving themselves. Early events have started to feel distant, almost removed from who I am today. Is it that time has erased this connection? Is it because I have done so much since that I can’t remain emotionally attached to every memory? Have I relived the memory and looked at the photos too many times dulling the emotion leaving just the knowledge the event happened, not the actually feeling? I will never know. It has happened and it will continue to happen as long as life experiences continue to accumulate and time continues to pass. I don’t like the thought of losing the connections I have to my past experiences. However, I do like the inspiration my memories evoke and love knowing that there is more to come.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hello, my name is John Ray.

There has been much going on this year and the longer I left resuming  my blog, the harder it became to do so.  I was awaiting the right moment.  A time when all things aligned and offered themselves to me in an orderly fashion, ready to be transformed in to succulent narratives.  But this point in time has since been recognised as an assumption of my own creativity.  There was never going to be a appropriate time.  An exact moment where I could sit down and say I’m back and this is where the adventure has taken me!  So with these thin words I begin to compose once more and will continue to do so.
An inescapable excuse for my absence is that now I work in an office based profession I am using a computer all day.  The last activity  I feel like doing in my down time is staring at a computer again.  And I call myself a writer, eh?  I struggled with the old school pen and paper way of writing but my mind went faster than I could write and my foreign scrawl ended up as slightly absurd babble. 
Rather than fill this page with every detail since my previous entry, I will humbly reintroduce myself and begin a more determined effort to write more frequently.  After all, this blog began partly as a journal for my own memories.  I’m almost a year older since my last entry.   I’d better jot these memories down before they start to fade.  You know, old age and everything.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Good Life.

I like life’s little revelations, in particular when I am already feeling the world is wonderful.  Last weekend was my birthday and I was already in good spirits.  Call it Christmas cheer, birthday bliss or whatever, but I was feeling pretty pleased with the way life was going.  To celebrate my birthday, we took a road trip across to the West Coast of New Zealand.  It is a rugged coast facing out to the Tasman Sea, the physical and cultural buffer between Australia and New Zealand.   The Southern Alps which form the spine of the South Island force moisture from the clouds to soak this part of the world with up to 18 metres of rain a year.  It is a landscape of lush and vibrant colour, changing vistas at each corner and an absolute world away from the Canterbury Plains where we live.  If the destination sounds extraordinary, the road trip across the island is as remarkable. Disappearing from the Canterbury Plains, the road carves in to the foot hills, pirouetting with the braided rivers as each criss-crosses the valley on separate paths.  On their way to the ocean, the turquoise waters race past islands of brightly coloured flowers.  Verdant vegetation embraces the valley walls, altering in density and stature as elevations increase.   All around there is water cascading down the slopes in varying volumes, as though the mountains themselves are melting.  Where the hills fuse with the rising mountains, the still snowy peaks draw the traveller’s eyes further skyward to blink in the summer sunshine at the cobalt blue skies.  As the entire scene awakens my senses, I draw a deep breathe to capture this moment as Mother Nature reaches down to kiss my cheek.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly........for this week.

The Good: Once again I find myself being self-indulgent thanks to the fortunes bestowed upon by my spirit guides.  To have found the job I currently enjoy now is quite satisfying, but the New Year is shaping up to bring small pot of new work opportunities for me to choose from.  It will require some careful thought about whether to return to the old and the familiar to put my training and experience to use or branch off on this relatively new path in I am currently walking to forge a solid career in the Aviation Industry?  All have positives, all have drawbacks, but just how to weigh them all up is an unknown.

The Bad: With the passing of Nelson Mandela this week, the universe will need to dig deep to fill the void he leaves.  A humble and passionate person who had an enormous impact on not just his home country, but the entirety of civilisation.  What he achieved was remarkable and his inspiring presence was enough to shape the future for every generation yet to come. He will be sadly missed but will live forever through his legacy of hope and change is possible for everyone.

The Ugly: It has been a week of road works, more terrifying than normal.  Because the earthquakes of 2010/11 caused so much damage above ground, it is easy to forget what damage there is below.  Water pipes, power lines and waste water systems are all cracked while many roads themselves suffered severe buckling and appeared shattered like glass.  I do understand the need to replace all of this and as a result, the ongoing traffic disruptions are a necessary evil.  But I do wish it wasn't so.

''They have had me for 27 years. If I keep hating them, they will still have me." Nelson Mandela 1918-2013.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Are we Kiwis yet?

So, we bought some land and now we are about to build a house.  At various times in the past I have said to myself “now we are really Kiwis”, but if none of those past instances have served to be ‘the’ moment, then surely the purchase of a small slice of New Zealand counts?  We have downsized from our farm back in Australia, to a paltry 10 acres.  With only neighbours on one side, there is a wonderful sense of space and freedom.  Slight undulation means there are some small ponds and winter flowing creeks.  From one side, the rugged mountain ranges are watching us through the changing seasons.  To the other side is the Canterbury Plains and views over to the old volcanic cones which form Banks Peninsula.  The house will be a transportable, built off site and moved when completed.  It was the quickest way to get a house given the housing crisis New Zealand is currently experiencing.   It will be bigger than our house back in Australia though, and BRAND NEW!  We will add decking and do some landscaping soon after moving in, plus we will be getting a larger pond dug out when the contractors come to put in a driveway.  All the elements we want will be attainable and I am so pleased with our decision to do this instated of wait to find an established house and property.  I will update you all regularly. Have to go wipe the smile of my face now.  Don’t want people to think I am up to no good.

Not the greatest quality video, but it needed to be compressed to be uploaded.  Maybe photos next time.....

Mt Karioi

Mt Karioi